What past participants thought of the ASH WA Clinical Hypnosis Training Course

What a fantastic course you have presented us - so much valuable information to sift through. This has been such a great course, learning from experts such as yourself and others. Thank you for the incredible experience.


I want to say that it’s been a truly wonderful course and I’m so appreciative of the time you’ve spent arranging everything.


I attended the 2019 Hypnotherapy Training Seminars as a qualified Practitioner in order to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge brought to this course by the outstanding presenters thereby upgrading my own knowledge and skills . The further opportunity to present and practise under the watchful eyes of these same presenters more than justified my attendance. Live presentation from highly qualified and skilled practitioners far outweighs ‘canned’ presentations where there is little capability of instant action and reaction to ever changing live audience dynamics. Added to this was the extremely high calibre of fellow course participants which greatly enhanced the final outcomes of each course module further demonstrating the superiority of face to face interaction over pre-prepared canned presentations. I firmly endorse and recommend this course.


I have previously completed courses in clinical hypnotherapy. This diploma course in clinical hypnotherapy however delivered just what I needed from a training course. It offered a variety of themes, and practical application of hypnotherapy in practice, presented by a variety of specialists that gave me confidence to utilise hypnotherapy in my everyday practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely helpful and learning full!!


An interesting and useful course which has added practical tools to my toolbox. I have already seen the benefits to a variety of patients including those with chronic pain and phobias.

General Practitioner

This Course has increased my treatment options. The large range of teachers allowed for a diverse learning of hypnotic techniques. Discussion and role plays through out the course provided valuable learning opportunities. Overall the course was informative and provided inspiration for future practice.


A fantastic addition to my therapy skill set that has enabled me to engage with my clients in a creative & relaxed way. It’s also been great to incorporate my knowledge & skills to utilize individual strengths & facilitate positive, lasting outcomes!

Clinical Psychologist

I would like to thank you for the great opportunity offered during the course and your skillful arrangement. Also I would like to thank for sharing your wealth of experience. Thank you!

Clinical Nurse

The course out stripped my expectations by some margin and opened my eyes to a world of applications of hypnosis I was unaware of. One of its strengths I think was having so many people from different backgrounds teach us. It was fantastic to have access to so many well regarded interstate and other professionals using hypnosis. Brian put in a great deal of effort to make the course run well. I highly recommend the course.


What a fantastic course. It would have to be up there as one of the best courses I have attended. Not only was Brian a great presenter of the hypnosis knowledge, he invited many experts to present how they use hypnosis in their profession of clinical therapy, sport hypnosis, children in therapy, gynaecology, paediatrics, anaesthesia and much more. The diversity of training helped clarify many hypnosis issues not previously understood. My confidence in delivering hypnosis has gained tenfold during the year as I now incorporate aspects of hypnosis into almost every client session. Thank you Brian for organising such a great course. Your generosity and passion to instill and impart this knowledge is inspiring and commendable.