Australian Society of Hypnosis WA Inc.


Postgraduate Medical Hypnotherapy Training Courses in WA

Are you a qualified healthcare practitioner interested in Clinical Hypnosis training? The Australian Society of Hypnosis WA Branch Inc. (ASH WA) is a not-for-profit institution that trains registered healthcare professionals in clinical hypnosis. ASH WA has a long history of providing medical hypnotherapy training to healthcare providers.

ASH WA offers leadership regarding research, education, and ethical hypnosis practices to persons qualified to provide services in dentistry, medicine, psychology, and other healthcare fields such as nursing, physiotherapy, and social work.

The Australian Society of Hypnosis WA Branch Inc. History

By all accounts, the West Australian Society for Medical Hypnosis (WASMH) – which merged with the WA Branch of ASH to become ASH WA – was the first hypnosis society in the country to offer clinical hypnotherapy courses leading to a fellowship.

Dr A.E. (Manny) Bernstien and a small group of doctors and psychologists founded WASMH in 1971. We have trained hundreds of healthcare professionals since the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) accepted WASMH as a society and training facility.

WASMH and ASH WA merged in 1989, and the new body became the Australian Society of Hypnosis WA Branch (ASH WA), offering medical hypnotherapy training. Private citizens can obtain a referral list of qualified hypnotherapists, advice, and information via telephone and email.


Members are elected bi-annually to serve on the executive committee and run ASH WA voluntarily. In addition to educating those new to hypnosis, ASH WA provides ongoing competency development to members of the healthcare professions through professional development and supervision opportunities.

Enrolment in the ASH WA Postgraduate Training in Clinical Hypnosis Course is open to healthcare practitioners eligible to be registered with AHPRA, together with qualified social workers and counsellors.

Eligibility for membership in ASH WA follows enrolment in the current ASH WA Postgraduate Clinical Hypnosis Training program. You should have completed or registered for the current ASH WA State Clinical Hypnosis Training program to become a member.