Expressions of interest for the ASH WA Postgraduate Training in Clinical Hypnosis Course for 2023 are open. For more information please contact the ASH WA Training Course Director of Studies Brian Allen on 0449 798 909

Frequently asked questions:

Will learning hypnosis help me in my practice?

Hypnosis is a valuable tool that will almost certainly enhance your practice. All of our presenters and researchers regularly use hypnosis in their professional practice and are experts and leaders in their field.

Who teaches on the ASH WA course?

Our multidisciplinary teaching faculty are primarily (but not limited to) psychologists and physicians. These practitioners include experts in teaching and research in the applications of hypnosis in clinical practice, particularly in the areas of pain and anxiety management, anxiety, depression, phobias and in the treatment of addictions. They include practitioners and researchers with decades of clinical experience who have trained and presented at State, National and international levels.

Why should I do the ASH WA course rather than another hypnosis course?

The Australian Society of Hypnosis WA (ASH WA) Course offers up to 4 times the number of up front contact hours of some other courses at a fraction of the cost.  It has qualified, experienced clinicians and researchers on the Teaching Faculty. The ASH WA course specifically caters for doctors, psychologists, dentists, midwives, nurses, allied health and paramedical practitioners registered with AHPRA and ARCAP. The ASH WA course provides training and mentoring in the practice and promotion of ethical hypnosis practice.

Who may enrol?

Registered health care professions recognised by the Australian government, including doctors of medicine, psychologists, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, occupational therapists,osteopaths, social workers (members of AASW), and counselors (listed on the Australian Register of Counselors and Psychotherapists). If you are undergoing supervision towards registration, and are thinking of doing the course, please discuss your options with the Director of Studies. We are currently accepting expressions of interest from eligible practitioners for the next ASH WA course.

Is there a qualification on course completion?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion  of the ASH WA Postgraduate Training in Clinical Hypnosis Course


I see there is teaching in specialist areas that don’t seem relevant to me, can I opt out of these?

It is strongly recommended that all course components are attended. Although some topics may seem irrelevant they frequently contain generic hypnosis principles that encompass readily adaptable ideas and hypnosis processes that can be used in a whole range of applications.

Is there is syllabus?

Yes. Teaching/tutoring on the course is provided by full members of ASH WA, and from time to time by visiting interstate and international presenters who are practitioners using hypnosis in their respective clinical fields.

ASH  WA Syllabus

The minimum requirements for training are approximately 50 hours of lectures and 50 hours of practical experience. The ASH WA course provides in excess of the requirements.

In outline, what does the course cover?

Hypnosis: its theory, practice and application to, general psychology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, medical practice – including obstetrics, pediatrics, pain management, dentistry, clinical assessment of the patient/client, research and ethics, indications and contraindications, treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, self-esteem issues, addictions, and the use of hypnosis with children. In addition it may be possible to arranges presentations on other areas of interest if there is sufficient interest within the group.

Are there exams?

Competency is assessed by continuous assessment throughout the course plus:

  • Documentation of the use of hypnosis in 10 clients / patients.
  • Case Presentations

What is the first step in enrolling?

Register your details and make payment on the website. You will then be contacted with more information. You may also contact our Director of studies Brian Allen on 0449 798 909 for assistance with this.